A LATE-night dispute over the use of a bus pass ended with the bus driver being punched in the face.

Blackburn magistrates heard his assailant, Kenneth Fo, had learning difficulties and had reacted badly, partly as a result of him drinking three cans of strong lager.

Fo, 41, of Bickerish Court, Darwen, pleaded guilty to assaulting William Waller. He was ordered to pay £250 compensation to the bus driver.

Paul Huxley, defending, said Fo lived in supported accommodation and while his problems were no an excuse for his behaviour they were a contributory factor.

“The fact he had drunk three or four cans of strong lager also contributed,” said Mr Huxley. “He wasn’t aware there was an 11pm time limit on his bus pass and there was a disagreement with the bus driver about that.

“As he was going to leave the driver made a comment along the lines that he could have charged my client and he responded by punching him in the face,” said Mr Huxley. “My client feels very remorseful about what he has done.”