HEDGES in an Accrington road are so overgrown they are forcing schoolchildren to walk on the road, it was claimed.

Hollins Lane resident Eric Lynch has voiced his concern that it is an ‘accident waiting happen’ and called for the council to take action.

The 84-year-old said: “I have been in touch with Lancashire County Council and they have promised me, over the last six months, that they would deal with it, but they haven’t.

“It’s in an appalling state. The hedges are so overgrown schoolchildren have to walk in the road. I think it’s dangerous and an accident waiting to happen.

“There’s no maintenance going on. I’d like to speak to somebody when they come.”

Mr Lynch, who has lived in Hollins Lane for 33 years, said paving slabs in the road had also sunk.

He spoke to the Lancashire Telegraph after growing frustrated at reporting the problem to no avail. The Hollins Lane Technology College has around 780 students. Nobody could be reached for comment yesterday.

Oliver Starkey, Lancashire County Council highways manager for Hyndburn, said: “The county council does not own or maintain this land next to Hollins Lane, and our investigations have found that its ownership is not registered with the Land Registry.

"”We have recently inspected this location, and our assessment is that the foliage is not obstructing the highway.

“However, if it begins to cause a problem and affect safety we will cut it back with a view to seeking reimbursement if it becomes known who owns the land.

“We'd advise pedestrians to use the footway on the opposite side of the road, as there is no county-council maintained footway on the side next to this land.”