A KITCHEN was damaged after a pan was left on the hob unattended.

Firefighters spent about 45 minutes at a terraced home in Waverley Road, Astley Bridge, after the owner raised alarm at about 10.50am today.

A mother had been cooking food in a pan on the hob when the fire started.

She shut the door to prevent the blaze spreading and left the home with her young children while she waited for firefighters to arrive.

Fire engines from Bolton Central and Bolton North attended.

Ian Read, watch manager at Bolton Central fire station, said: “A lady left some food cooking — by the time she returned the whole pan was on fire.

"She did the right thing by closing the door and called the fire service.

"There was smoke damage to the kitchen unit. The plaster on the wall was blistered. We gave some fire safety advice.

“The woman had been cooking food on the hob but I would advise people not leave any hot oil cooking.

"People should get rid of deep pans of oil and use a deep fat fryer or use the oven to cook stuff.”