AN online petition has been launched after campaigners claim a Clitheroe teenager, who indecently exposed himself in a group photo, has been barred from the school prom.

The 16-year-old pupil at Ribblesdale High School was ‘disciplined’ after indecently exposing himself in a group photograph in his year book.

The prank was not spotted until the 240 leavers' yearbooks were given out.

Headteacher Stephen Cox immediately recalled the whole set and took out the offending page before redistributing them.

Although no copies of the complete yearbook are believed to have left the premises, the picture has been circulated on social media. Mr Cox said the student 'deeply regrets' his actions and the matter is closed.

But Tracey Edwardson, a mum of another pupil at the Clitheroe school, claims he has been banned from the Year 11 prom at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel, Clayton-le-Moors on June 25.

The petition has so far attracted more than 1,000 backers.

Mrs Edwardson said on the petition’s Facebook page: “He's been expelled from school and now can't attend his prom night so I'm asking people to support him and write their comments on here and we will present this to school. Yes it was a daft prank something any 16-year-old is capable of, but he's spent five years at the school and should be able to go to his leavers prom night. As a parent I'm looking for as much support as possible.

“It was a laugh that went wrong and I'm sure he will be missed by many friends on the night if he's unable to go.”

Petition supporter Cindy Rhodes said: “Yes, the young man did something silly and I'm sure he regrets it, but banning him from the prom will cause more harm than good.

“Let him know that his mistake has caused a little upset but also let him know that you are willing to show some leniency and allow him to finish school with positive memories rather than hatred towards his seniors.”