A MISSING street sign — knocked down five months ago — has finally been replaced.

Neighbours in Acre Field, Harwood — a cul-de-sac which includes six houses and five bungalows — say they are ‘hugely relieved’, now the problems they faced from not having a street sign on their road have been resolved.

The street sign was knocked down in December, after a lorry crashed into it.

It was removed by Bolton Council but a new sign was not installed.

It led to visitors to the road having problems finding it and had to ask residents where it was.

The council says it was unable to install a new sign earlier due to a lack of resources.

But after neighbours — and The Bolton News — contacted the council to enquire about the situation, a new sign was put up on Thursday morning.

Theresa Stott, her husband Norman, and George Simkins, all of who live on the road, expressed their delight at the new sign being installed.

Mrs Stott, aged 76, said: “I’m really excited about it. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the new sign going up.

“It’s about time a new sign was put up. We are only a small street and people were getting lost left, right and centre.

“I had my birthday party last week and a couple of people had trouble finding my house.

“At last, everybody will know where we are now.”

Mr Stott, aged 82, said: “It’s a huge relief — I still can’t believe there’s a sign up on our street.

“I obviously felt frustrated it took the council so long to put a new sign up, because it caused a lot of problems for us.

“At least now people won’t have any more trouble finding us.”

Mr Simkins, aged 70, moved to the area just before the sign came down.

He said: “I think it’s ridiculous we’ve had to wait five months. I’ve got family in Dublin and Scotland who would have got completely lost if they’d come to visit.

“But I’m happy that the sign’s been put in and people know where I live now.”

A council spokesman said: “A new sign has been installed in due course. We were unable to do this earlier due to lack of resources.”