TRAVELLERS have set up camp on Moss Bank Park.

Seven caravans arrived at the park at about 4pm on Tuesday and were immediately served a notice to leave within 24 hours.

More arrivals were reported to the police at about 3.30am yesterday.

The park has become a regular target for travellers during the summer months.

Residents have been warned not to offer any work to door-to-door traders who could be staying at the site.

Cllr Roger Hayes said: “Residents get very upset when the park is spoiled by travellers. Some of the groups can make a real mess. As far as I know, this group has not made a mess yet, but we are hopeful they will be moved on quite quickly. I am pleased with the council’s swift action so far.

“We have this problem every summer at Moss Bank Park.

“We are warning residents in the nearby area about people knocking on their door offering to do work on their house or garden.

“If anyone does need any work doing, I would urge them to go a recognised trader.

“That way, it won’t encourage more groups of travellers to arrive.”

The latest group are believed to have gained access by sawing off wooden posts near the entrance of the park.


If they fail to leave the park, they will be served with a summons to court.

A Bolton Council spokesman said: “We are aware of travellers on this site and have already served them with a notice to leave within 24 hours.

“If they are still there after 24 hours, they will be served with a summons to appear in court.”

A police spokesman said: “We received reports of six vans arriving at the grass area in Moss Lane at around 3.30am on Wednesday. The council has been made aware and is taking the appropriate action.”