TRAFFIC on a road which was closed yesterday because of a burst pipe should be returned to normal this morning.

A spokeswoman for United Utilities said engineers had worked through the night after having to dig up part of Queen’s Square, in Rawtenstall, to fix the problem.

She said: “We managed to reopen the road at 6am today, so hopefully everything will be back to normal.

“There are still some cones along the road and we are going to retrieve them at lunchtime.

“But the extra lane closure was cleared this morning.

“Our engineers and out contractors Amey and Gallaghers worked through the night.

“We understand how difficult it was for people because it was at such a crucial road junction.

“We would like to say a big apology to people for the extra disruption, but also thanks for their patience.”

The major long-term sewer works which were being done are still ongoing and the lane that was already shut on the roundabout remains closed.

Temporary traffic lights are also in place.