YOUNGSTERS in Darwen could get help accessing the new skate park near Darwen Vale High School.

Darwen Town Council’s deputy chairman said he was looking into ways to help youngsters across town access the facility.

Coun Pete Hollings said: “While we spend resources on our elderly people, subsidising a matinee at Darwen Library Theatre, I feel we are neglecting our young people.

“I am in discussion with the borough council with some ideas to make Junction Four skate park more accessible.

“This could be by subsidising two or three events, or even paying for a demonstration where the people are admitted free.

“I am at the very early stages of discussions and it depends on what young people want and how the park can accommodate them.”

Sudell councillor Roy Davies said money should be spent upgrading the park in Olive Lane, while his Lib Dem colleague Paul Browne said: “I think the park at Shorey Bank would be far better used somewhere else.

“There is money to get it picked up and moved.”