A 34-year-old woman was taken to hospital after a fire which was accidentally started by her young boy caused her to inhale smoke fumes.

Her semi-detached house, in Alfred Street, Bury, caught fire at around 11am after her son started playing with a lighter in his bedroom.

The woman was taken to Fairfield Hospital as a precautionary measure, after firefighters noticed black marks around her mouth.

There were four people in the property and they were all safely evacuated, with the boy's mother the only casualty.

Firefighters from Bury Central and Whitefield fire station attended the scene and were there for around two hours.

The boy's bedroom was destroyed by the blaze and the fire took about 20 minutes to be brought under control.

Pete Fletcher, watch manager at Bury Central fire station, said: "This is a timely reminder for people to check their smoke alarms and ensure they keep flammable items out of the sight of children."