A COUNCILLOR has hit out after a pothole-ridden street in his ward was missed off the schedule of repairs despite council bosses saying it would be fixed.

Powell Street in the Sudell area of Darwen was not included in the list of more than 45 roads across the borough to be repaired by the end of March at a total cost of £1.1million.

But when asked by the Lancashire Telegraph, borough roads boss Jim Smith said it would be repaired.

In March, Coun Roy Davies hit out at the state of Powell Street, claiming it was one of the worst roads in the borough for potholes.

Then, executive member for environment Coun Jim Smith said: “I guarantee that Powell Street will be on the list for work in the coming year.”

But Coun Davies was left fuming when it was missed off the new list, unveiled last week.

In Sudell, the only roads set to be repaired are Ellison Fold Terrace and Sarah Street.

Coun Davies said: “I am really disappointed.

“Sunnyhurst is getting six streets fixed and when you look at the ones getting fixed in my ward, it just pales into insignificance.

“And even the roads they are doing in Sudell – Ellison Fold Terrace and Sarah Street – yes, they need repairing but they aren’t as bad as Powell Street. Jim Smith said it was going to be done and, lo and behold, it is not on the list.I find it absolutely amazing.”

Coun Smith said that although it wasn’t on the list that was put before the executive board, it was on the list of roads to repair.

He said: “Powell Street is on the list because when I took over the roads I drove around and I saw that it needed doing. That was not the full list and Roy has jumped to conclusions.

“The money to fix Powell Street will come from a separate pot of money.”

Coun Davies replied: “It doesn’t fill me with much confidence if they cannot put it in black and white.”

Sayyed Osman, director of environment, housing and neighbourhoods, said: “The roads which have been outlined in the Network Recovery scheme are an initial list for the 2014/15 financial year, with further roads to be outlined during the course of the year. Powell Street is one of a number of schemes coming forward during the course of the year.”

“The work has to be phased in line with resources, condition and priority. This is an ongoing scheme, which provides major investment into improving the conditions of our roads.”