A GUN was found in the footwell of a car being driven by an ‘intoxicated’ man in Blackburn.

A court heard how the already disqualified driver of the Audi A3 got out of the car after crashing it into a ‘give way’ sign twice to swap places with his passenger, who was also disqualified from getting behind the wheel.

The ‘lethal-barrelled’ weapon, which was later found in the hire car along with class A and class C drugs, would have been able to fire pellets, the judge was told.

Imran Hussain, 35, and Amir Saeed, 36, were first pulled over by the police who stopped them near the Brownhill roundabout. But when the officer got out to speak to them, they sped off and disappeared before the officer could follow them.

Later that same night, a resident in Hollin Bridge Street called police when they heard the noise of a car’s wheels spinning and engine revving.

Jonathan Dickinson, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said: “She watched as the car, with its wheels spinning and smoke coming from the tyres, then slid back, colliding with a ‘give way’ sign. This manouver was repeated.

“The driver, a bearded Asian man, staggered out and the witness watched as he staggered around, nearly falling over on several occasions.”

The car was next seen in Exeter Street and the police were called again. A resident in the cul-de-sac told prosecutors one of the defendants began urinating and had to hold on to the car to keep himself upright.

Hussain, of Cross Hill Road, admitted driving while disqualified, possession of class A and C drugs and being in breach of a suspended sentence.

Thomas Fitzpatrick, for Hussain, told the court: “He accepts that on the night in question, he took alcohol and some diazepam. He has very little recollection of what happened that night. That does not in the circumstances do him any credit whatsoever.”

Saeed, of Palmer Road, Blackburn pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm, driving while disqualified and four counts of possessing drugs.

His barrister, Adam Watkins, said he believed there were exceptional circumstances, including that the weapon did not pose a serious danger, which meant his client should not be handed the compulsory minimum five-year jail term for possessing a gun.

Saeed was also in court charged with burgling a house in Holland Street, Blackburn, while the occupiers and their five children were asleep.

The defendant admitted he stole £300 and a bank card and then used it to steal a further £298.26.

They were remanded into custody and will be sentenced on May 27.