SIX men and women from the Bolton area have been awarded some of the scouting movement’s highest honours.

As part of the 2014 St George’s Day Awards, the Rev David Allen received the Silver Wolf — scouting’s top award — in recognition of ‘services to scouting of the most exceptional nature’.

John Capper Lewis was also awarded the Silver Wolf. He is now district president of Bolton South with Farnworth Scout District and has notched up 65 years of service.

Paul Raine was awarded the Bar to the Silver Acorn in recognition of ‘further specially distinguished service’.

In his 45 years of scouting, Mr Raine has variously been scout leader, assistant scout leader, venture scout leader, county D of E adviser and is currently assistant county commissioner.

Gwen White was also awarded the Bar to the Silver Acorn. She does her scouting in Radcliffe but lives in Bolton and in more than 50 years’ service she has been assistant district commissioner cubs, acting district commissioner and is currently cub scout leader with 14th Radcliffe Scout Group.

Her husband William was awarded the Bar to the Silver Acorn. He has almost 50 years of service, has held the roles of assistant cub scout leader, scout leader, assistant district commissioner, group scout leader at 14th Radcliffe Scout Group and is currently Radcliffe District president.

John Greenhalgh received the Silver Acorn for ‘specially distinguished service’ and is group scout leader for 19th Bolton Scout Group.

The awards come at a time when scouting in Bolton is thriving and has recently undergone major change including the creation of a new district — Bolton South with Farnworth. The three remaining Bolton Districts are also in the process of amalgamating.

The organisation is always happy to welcome new members and also needs more help.

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