THREE protesters waved placards outside the new sculpture centre as part of a campaign to reinstate Bury Central Library.

Letters handed to those attending the opening ceremony claimed that Bury residents had “lost” their central library.

The letter said: “What is left of it is not a great deal more than a wide corridor where two-thirds of the books have gone. To create the new sculpture centre, the clearing of more than 60 per cent of the library floor space has taken place.”

Ian Jordan, Christopher South and Rob Trueblood took part in the demonstration, holding placards to support their “Reinstate Bury Central Library” (RBCL) campaign. They are member of the RBCL committee.

Their letter added: “Despite the council’s decision to clear most of the library space to make way for the sculpture centre, opposition to the change of use of the library space has not gone away.”

The committee can be contacted via e-mail at l CAMPAIGNERS also took to the steps of Bury Library on April 26 to hold a ‘Read Out’ event.

Organised by Bury Green Party on April 26, its aim was to illustrate that the reading space in the library had been reduced.

Nicole Haydock, Bury Green Party joint co-ordinator, said: “The sense of disgust and outrage is still very strong and sometimes overwhelming.

“Some older people inparticular who have been using this library since their childhood are devastated.”