TWO "arguing" woman could lead police to an arsonist who set fire to a caravan.

Firefighters were called to Walshaw Hand Car Wash in Walshaw Road at 12.30am today, and tackled the fire, which caused severe damage to the caravan, owned by the car wash owner. 

The fire spread to a neighbour’s fence, but fire officers were able to stop it from spreading to a car and house.

Now, police want to speak to two women  seen by witnesses at the scene 20 minutes before the blaze was reported.

According to firefighters, the women were seen to get out of a taxi and then argue with each other before walking off.

Crew commander Carl Bostock, based at Bury Fire Station, said: “We are treating this as arson.

“Fires that start by accident in unoccupied caravans are unheard of and all the signs are that it was deliberate.

“It took us 30 minutes to put out the fire and now it is in the hands of police.”

A spokesman for the car wash told The Bury Times: “It is such a big shock. I cannot think of why anyone would want to do this.”

A Bury Police spokesman said an investigation is underway and asked people with information to call 101.