A 49-YEAR-OLD man who crashed his car on the way back from the pub left his vehicle and walked home.

Blackburn magistrates heard police were quickly on the scene and went to arrest David Bradley at his house.

The court was told how Bradley 'kicked off' and struggled with the officers using abusive language. And when he arrived at the police station he used a racially offensive phrase to indicate he did not wish to be dealt with by a black officer.

Bradley, of Pemberton Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment of PS James Saddoo, obstructing OC James Gunn, failing to provide a specimen for analysis and failing to stop after a road traffic accident.

He was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months and made subject to community supervision for 12 months with a condition he attends an alcohol awareness programme.

He was also ordered to pay £150 compensation to PS Saddoo and £100 to PC Gunn and £80 costs.

Peter King, defending, said Bradley had collided with two cars and in one collision had banged his head.

“He walked the short distance home to ask his wife what he should do,” said Mr King.

“He was upset and disorientated and his wife had just got him calmed down when the police arrived to arrest him. To use the colloquial term he “kicked off.”

He didn’t actually assault anyone but he resisted and he was abusive.” Mr King said colour references made by Bradley at his home referred to the colour of the officers uniforms and not their skin.

“There was nobody there of a different ethnicity to him,” said Mr King.

“The first time he dealt with anyone of a different ethnicity was at the police station when he made the unfortunate comments to PS Saddoo.”