A WOMAN became trapped under her vehicle in a hospital car park.

Firefighters were called and paramedics rushed to help after a car rolled on to a woman at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Two fire engines from Blackburn were mobilised at 2pm on Saturday to help the woman who was trapped under the front wheel of her vehicle.

Witnesses told fire crews the woman had dropped her ticket out the window while entering the car park.

Trying to retrieve the ticket she realised the handbrake had not been applied. It is thought that while leaning into the vehicle to apply the handbrake the vehicle rolled backwards and knocked her over, the wheel coming to rest on her right thigh.

Watch Manager at Blackburn Fire Station, Lee Cook, said firefighters were able to free her.

He said: “As paramedics were already attendance, first aid had already been administered.

“A high pressure air bag and a hydraulic spreading tool were used to lift the vehicle free of the trapped lady.

"She was conveyed to the hospital and at this point her injuries were unknown.”