A THIRD landmark building in Burnley looks set to be converted into halls of residence for the town’s growing university college of football business.

Calder House in St James Street, overlooking Charter Walk, is the latest target for the UCFB, based at Turf Moor, which has around 350 students based in the town.

Sixty student bedrooms could be created at the office block, which overlooks Charter Walk and was used as a centre by Burnley College before the Princess Way campus opened.

UCFB bosses say the accommodation space is needed due to rising numbers of applications - the establishment has already taken over the former Sparrow Hawk Hotel and lease the Crown Hotel as student halls.

College chiefs claim they have brought millions of pounds worth of investment into Burnley since opening in 2011 and have thanked the town for assisting in their development.

Under the proposals the offices at Calder House would be converted into a combinaton of self-catering units and bedrooms designed around communal kitchens and bathrooms.

Prof Philip Wilson, the UCFB’s provost and chief executive, said: “We are delighted to see an increase in applications at our UCFB Burnley Campus, resulting in an increased demand for halls of residence accommodation.

“We take the pastoral care of our students very seriously and the provision of high quality living accommodation plays a significant role in their comfort and wellbeing.

“UCFB brings significant investment to the town of Burnley, measured in millions per annum through our student cohort and core business activities.

“I would like to extend my thanks to the town of Burnley for making UCFB and our students welcome in the town.

“Without this support, UCFB could not be the success it is today in creating a world first and providing a platform for opening our second campus at the iconic Wembley Stadium.”

Work is currently ongoing to upgrade The Crown Hotel, formerly known as The Keirby Hotel, which is halls of residence for the majority of the year.

Fifteen bedrooms per floor would be installed at Calder House, if planning permission is secured, with two kitchens, lounges and dining rooms on each level.