CLARETS boss Sean Dyche and his players have been able to sleep easy since securing promotion to the Premier League.

And the world’s biggest bed company has claimed the credit for making sure the Turf Moor stars get a good night’s sleep before matches.

Burnley players have been trialling new Hybrid beds for the last two months.

The Clarets’ head of sports science, Mark Howard, said he had been encouraging the players to nap in the afternoon during the team’s busy Easter fixture schedule.

Mr Howard said: “As far as the footballers under my care are concerned, ensuring they get plenty of sleep, especially before a match, is crucial.

“And if there is an evening fixture, I always recommend the guys go to bed in the afternoon for some serious shut eye, so they are at the top of their game for the kick-off later. The temperature, support and comfort of your bed are so important.

“These brand new beds from Sealy have been great and the guys in the team love them, and so do I if I know they are getting a really good night’s sleep.”

Sealy, which acts as a trading division of Barnoldswick-based firm Silentnight, said its new bed was a ‘unique fusion of memory foam with a new elasticised gel’.

Neil Robinson, Sealy’s marketing director said: “Sealy have been involved with the club for quite a while now and are absolutely thrilled they’re going to be playing in the Premier League again.

“We’re supporting them all the way, and dreaming sweet dreams of great successes next season.”