A CAR technician seriously injured in a horror crash says he feels lucky to be on the road to recovery.

Rob Scott was airlifted to hospital after a Vauxhall Astra hit the Peugeot he was driving in Bridgeman Street, Bolton, close to Perrys Peugeot, where he works.

He suffered serious injuries including a broken right ankle, a broken left femur, pelvic fractures and facial fractures, and he had to be cut free from his car by firefighters.

The 26-year-old, who had been driving to work when the accident happened at 7.55am on Saturday, February 1, now relies on a wheelchair and crutches.

His ankle injury is expected to take the longest to heal.

Mr Scott, of Sidford Close, Darcy Lever, said: “I don’t remember anything from the crash. I remember driving to work but after that I remember coming around in the hospital later that day.

“Initially medical staff thought they were going to have to amputate my legs. They had the surgery team on stand-by.

“I feel lucky. You can’t dwell on the crash as you put yourself in a bad position. I am looking forward to the future.”

He spent about a week in Wythenshawe Hospital before being discharged. Mr Scott and Sarah Jones, his girlfriend of eight years, relocated to Breightmet for two months so he could be looked after by Yvonne Scott, his mother, at her home.

Mr Scott said: “You can’t beat your mum’s bacon butties when living at home. Sarah has been fantastic.

“It’s crazy because when I first came out of hospital I was waking up every two hours in pain and she was waking up with me, helping me with my painkillers through the night then going to work in the morning. She went through it all.

“Before the crash I did charity runs every year. I have raised money for Bolton Hospice and taken part in Tough Mudder and the HellRunner. When I next do one, it will have to be for the fire service.”

He receives physiotherapy each week and has been unable to return to work full-time but has been doing admin work four mornings a week.

The firefighters who helped Mr Scott paid him a visit at work earlier this month to see how he was getting on after the rescue.

Watch manager Karsten Boyle, from Bolton Central Fire Station, said: “We heard he was back at work so we went to see how he was. We were looking forward to seeing him as he was with us.

“Rob was conscious throughout the rescue but doesn’t remember anything. We were able to tell him what we did and how we did it.

"He was able to tell us about his injuries and how he is coping. The meeting was good for the crew to get feedback as we can appreciate what the driver was going through.

“It was great seeing Rob. It is always a pleasure to see people making a good recovery after an incident. I am sure he will get back to full health in the future.”

Mr Scott said he realised how serious the crash was after seeing firefighters’ photographs — he initially thought it was “just a bad bump” from a scene shot he had seen.

He gave the crews who helped him two crates of beer to say thank you.

Mr Scott also thanked the North West Air Ambulance, the fire service, his employer and everyone who has assisted him.

One man, thought to be the driver of the other car, was arrested following the crash but was released without charge.