A DRUNKEN knifeman on the hunt for his partner's ex stabbed an innocent man after turning up at the wrong house, a court heard.

Alcoholic Lee Karmer, 46, armed with two blades, was first seen in a Nelson street, lying on the ground with his head in the road and his body on the pavement.

He stood up and the two knives fell from his pocket.

Burnley Crown Court was told how an Asian motorist and her daughter stopped to see if the defendant was all right and Karmer responded to their kindness with: ‘Heil Hitler’ and a Nazi salute.

The defendant then arrived at the home of completely innocent Yasir Hussain and cut him with a knife.

Karmer was eventually found slumped over a wall and bleeding from the head and lip and told police: “I went to the wrong house. I was after my partner’s ex’s address. I’m going to do him."

The defendant, of Netherfield Road, Nelson, was jailed for 20 months. He admitted wounding, two counts of having a bladed article and one of racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress.

Lisa Worsley, prosecuting, said shortly after the racially aggravated behaviour, he knocked on Mr Hussain's door and the victim could hear a man shouting ‘Susan, Susan’.

The victim said: “Just go, mate”, pushed him away and then felt something sharp in his right hand. He pushed the defendant again and Karmer stumbled backwards and dropped two knives,. The victim’s mother pulled him inside and closed the door.

The victim went to hospital for treatment to a one-and-a-half centimetre wound.

Tim Storrie, for Karmer, said he expressed remorse and felt acute shame.

The defendant was an alcoholic and by the time he was in his 30s he was having his first episode of drying out.

Mr Storrie said: “He has remained drink-free since last December."