HEALTH and social care chiefs are set to launch an investigation into the death of teenager Aleysha Rothwell.

Aleysha, who was found hanged at her foster family’s home in Crossdale Road, Breightmet, on April 3, had been discharged from hospital just hours before her death.

Bosses at the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust say there will now be a review into her death to find out whether more could have been done to help her.

It has not yet been decided who will carry out the review.

Heather Edwards, head of communications at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It is yet to be decided what sort of review there will be.

“Whenever a child dies unexpectedly there needs to be some sort of review — but it is still very early stages.”

Last night, Aleysha’s girlfriend, Beth Lees claimed staff at the hospital did not take the teenager seriously.

Beth, of Brathay Close, Breightmet, said: “Aleysha should have been sectioned.

“If she had been sectioned, she would still be here with us today.”

Beth said she had to “bandage Aleysha up” two days before her death and rang an ambulance.

But she said the hospital told her she was having a “bad day”, and Beth claims that they believed she was “attention seeking”.

The 15-year-old added: “They should take younger people more seriously with things such as this.

"She had been threatening to harm herself, and she had done a few days before.”

Beth says she is struggling to come to terms to life without her girlfriend, and described it as a “living nightmare”.

The St Catherine’s Academy student’s funeral was held at Bolton Parish Church on Wednesday.

Aleysha grew up in Brazley Avenue, Great Lever, and attended St Simon and St Jude School, Great Lever, before moving to Wigan.


She returned to Bolton about 15 months ago, and met Beth during her time at St Catherine’s Academy.