NEIGHBOURS living close to the site of a new Tesco in Little Lever are still waiting for tatty old fencing at the edge of their gardens to be removed.

People living in Ainsworth Road claim that, when they met the developers at the start of this month, it was promised the fencing in their back gardens would be taken down within a few days.

But Andrew Duffy, a project manager from the building design company Zerum Consult Limited, which is part of the Bowmer and Kirkland group, said no date was agreed at the meeting.

Mr Duffy described the meeting with residents as “productive” and said the fencing would be taken down within 10 days.

He added the delay had been because of a shutdown in construction over the Easter period.

The old fencing has been left up despite new fencing being installed as part of the construction of Tesco on the site of the former Pennine Pets factory. Concrete pillars and barbed wires have been pushed into residents’ gardens.

Rina Horner, aged 61, of Ainsworth Road, attended the meeting with neighbour Hilary Smith.

Mrs Horner said: “I feel let down because myself and my neighbour were both under the impression that the fencing would be taken down within a few days.

“I’m still not sure when it will be taken down but hopefully it will be soon because it’s making my garden an eyesore.”

The meeting was also attended by Little Lever activist Eric Hyde.

He said: “It seems like the developers are dragging their feet. The old fencing should have been removed before the new fencing was put in.”

Mr Duffy said he would visit the site and arrange a date to remove the fencing.

He added: “It was a misunderstanding. We agreed to take the fencing down but we couldn’t give the residents a start date for this.

“I said, once we’d organised a date, it would take a couple of days for the removal to be complete.

“We are very confident of removing the fencing within the next 10 days.”