DRUMKITS, ice cream vans and cockerels were amongst the causes of hundreds of noise complaints from the borough’s residents last year.

New figures show Bury Council dealt with almost two pleas for help a day throughout 2013 about such issues as model aircraft flying, dogs barking and neighbours screaming.

In all, there were 666 complaints last year, compared with 630 in 2012.

Most complaints arose from central Bury, while 112 came from Prestwich, 125 from Radcliffe, 88 from Whitefield, 33 from Ramsbottom, 30 from Tottington, two from Summerseat and two from Ainsworth.

Car engines, automatic security alarms and out-of-hours construction work were the other most popular issues that led to complaints to town hall bosses.

July brought the most complaints — 113 — with a greater proportion of neighbours upset about loud music coming from parties than in other months, possibly due to the warm warmer.

Traders and builders came in for some criticism, with a complaint made about a milkman delivering to a school at 5.50am in School Grove, Prestwich, while a window cleaner starting work in Langdale Drive, Bury, also drew a complaint.

Residents of Heywood Street, Bury, complained in September about a fireworks display going on at 1.15am, as well as “cars beeping and people running about.”

Noisy children drew complaints in Russell Street, Prestwich, Eagley Drive, Bury, and from Rochdale Old Road, Bury.

A council spokesman said: “Councils have a statutory duty to investigate potential noise nuisances.

“If any person is affected by ‘excessive’ noise, speak to the person making the noise first, as the matter can be nipped in the bud.

“People are generally receptive to a friendly request from their neighbour about disturbances caused.

“If this isn’t possible, or it still doesn’t resolve the matter, contact us and you will be asked to fill in a noise diary.

“Our officers can then investigate the problem.

“Serious cases may have to be dealt with formally, resulting in legal notices being served or even prosecution where noise nuisances persist.”