A PRIMARY school is gaining admirers across the world with a new blog which is designed to improve children’s education.

St Joseph and St Bede RC Primary School, in Danesmoor Drive, Bury, created the blog last month, which has so far had more than 2,500 viewers.

Such has been the impact of the blog, that it has been listed in the top 100 UK educational blogs by the monthly education magazine UKed.

It has been viewed by people from Canada, USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Slovakia.

The blog, which includes contributions by children of all ages and members of staff, keeps viewers updated on the work of pupils in different classes. The idea came from Jane Myerscough, assistant headteacher.

She said: “There’s a real buzz in the school because they know their work is being viewed around the world. I used the blog as a test on my Year Two class and they were so enthused by it.

“The standards of literacy seemed to rise overnight.

“The language and vocabulary they are using has changed quite dramatically.

“The children always worked to a high standard anyway, but it surprised me how big the impact of this blog has been.”

It has also had 162 viewers in one day — something Mrs Myerscough says reflects its popularity among parents and family members.

She said: “The parents absolutely love it. They love being able to participate and see how the children are getting on. It’s great for the pupils to be writing for an audience, because it gives their work that extra bit of purpose.”

The blog contains YouTube videos and photographs of class activities, along with articles and animated movies which have been created by the children.

It can be accessed on St Joseph and St Bede’s website at stjosephstbede.wordpress.com