SHOPPERS and residents in Chorley Old Road have found themselves in a “sticky situation” — after falling victim to a classic prank.

When passers-by spotted a £1 coin on the ground outside the Inkredibles tattoo parlour they must have thought they would be “quids in” — but instead they were left red-faced as they found the money had been superglued to the pavement.

The Bolton News decided to investigate and found “victim” Sandra Wilson.

She said: “I suppose this is someone’s idea of a joke — I only spotted the coin because I was looking down at my feet at the time.

“I guess I can see the funny side of it, but there are elderly people around here and it might not be good for them.”

Roxanna Gettins, aged 42, lives near to the scene. She said: “I don’t find it funny — it’s the older people that live around here that I worry about.”

She added that it is not the first time she has seen money glued to the floor outside the shop, after spotting a 50p coin stuck down several weeks ago.

We decided to play the pranksters at their own game and ventured to the scene armed with nail varnish remover to see if we could remove the coin — which, had we been successful, we would have returned to its rightful owner.

But our plans came “unstuck” when a burly man with a mallet who emerged from the Inkredibles shop and proceeded to dislodge the coin with some force.

He did not want to give his name but told us that the prank was “just a bit of fun”, and retreated into the shop.