A DRUNKEN intruder apologised after breaking into a cricket club, drinking lager, and falling asleep.

The man, believed to be in his late 20s, was discovered fast asleep at Accrington Cricket Club, in Thorney-holme Road, when a player heard him snoring at around 1.20pm on Monday.

Police officers called to the scene woke up the ‘apologetic’ man, who then offered to pay for repairs to a window he had broken to get in.

Player Jimmy Hayhurst, 30, said he had gone to the club to pick up some kit when he found the smashed window and thought somebody had broken in.

The club has been targeted by thieves on several occasions in the last 12 months.

He said: “It was a bit of a strange day really. I called the chairman, Rod Kenyon, and said there had been a break-in and he better come down.

“We went in the storage shed and heard snoring. The guy was fast asleep after drinking half-a-dozen lagers left over from Bonfire Night.

“He was a big fella and we were not sure what to do if he woke up. But he was very apologetic and willing to pay when the police dragged him out. He probably had a bit of a sore head as well.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed officers were called to the club and that nobody was arrested.

The man will be dealt with by means of restorative justice, the spokeswoman added.

Jimmy said: “They didn’t think they would be able to get a conviction because, they said, he had some mental health issues. We said that, as long as we get the money for repairs, that’s all that matters really.”