PLANTING their own, growing their own and even cooking their own are all part of an exciting new community project.

The innovative Outdoor Kitchen is starting at Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s food project at The Hive in Moss Bank Park.

And as well as teaching people valuable skills it is also hoped the scheme will enable people to manage their tight household budgets.

Project officer Charlotte Yates said: “We will be addressing local food needs such as diet, limited cooking experience, low household budgets and food shortages.

“Outdoor cooking workshops will be tailored to unemployed people, young people, pre-schoolers, dads and their kids and families.

“People will be able to take part in live cooking demonstrations, eat a cooked dish, use fresh common ingredients and pick up some tips to take home.

“They will be able to learn how to make fresh meals using ingredients that they might not have otherwise chosen.”

Ms Yates will be delivering the project and she says her passions lie with cooking tasty and healthy meals for very low budgets.

Bolton MP Julie Hilling recently visited the site and said: “We have such an issue with food finances and food poverty.

“Many people are unable to afford to buy healthy food so visiting the Hive will help them get a bit of knowledge to encourage them to start growing their own food.

“It will give them confidence to grow food and make meals helping to make themselves and their families healthier.”

To help out with the project, the Trust is looking for volunteers to help deliver food cooking workshops, all aspects of food growing at the site and promoting activities in the community.

The first event is on Saturday at the Hive which is next to the former Animal World in Moss Bank Park.

Anyone keen to take part in the Outdoor Kitchen or to volunteer to help run the project and learn new skills contact Ms Yates, Outdoor Kitchen Project Officer, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, 01204 663754,