FIREFIGHTERS are examining an electronic-cigarette charger as part of their investigations into a kitchen blaze.

Crews were called to a house on Meadow Walk, Farnworth, just before 6am.

The fire was out on arrival and caused minimal damage.

The occupier was awoken by the sound of the smoke alarm.

He suffered slight effects of smoke but declined hospital treatment.

Firefighters were on the scene for 20 minutes and a spokesman said the charger would form part of the investigation into the cause.

This week the Fire Brigade highlighted concerns over the safety of e-cigarettes, following a fire in East London, which investigators believed was caused by an incompatible charger.

Crews rescued a woman suffering smoke inhalation and shock.

This led London Fire Brigade urging people not to leave items e-cigaretters on charger over night or when they are sleeping and for retailers to ensure they are selling the correct chargers for the cigarettes.