THE UK’s first ‘instant’ homes have been put together in a Blackburn street, officially launching a project being touted as ‘the solution to the housing crisis’.

The three-bedroomed, semi-detatched houses were built over a period of months in manufacturer’s Easybase Home Ltd’s factory in Lower Phillips Road and taken to Monmouth Road yesterday ready for construction.

The units, weighing 25 tonnes each, are made from galvanised steel and arrived in Whitebirk complete with baths, showers and kitchens already included.

There was an air of excitement as residents took to the streets to watch the unique construction work and film or photograph the process on mobile phones.

Jimmy Hicks, who lives in Monmouth Road said: “I think they’re going to be all right these houses.

“I’ve had a look inside and they’re all kitted out and ready to go.

“It’s been really interesting to watch and I’m really impressed with them. The building work hasn’t disturbed us at all.”

Gayle Udokah, who also lives in Monmouth Road said: “I think it’s fantastic.

“I’ve worked in construction and it’s been amazing to see this coming together.

“It’s not been like being next to a building site at all. There’s no noise, there’s no dust, there’s no pollution flying around.

“I think it’s a brilliant thing to be a part of and, of course, we’ll have to see how it goes in the long term but it certainly looks like this is the future.”

The first units were taken in two sections, lower floor then upper floor and roof, on the back of a flatbed truck and then craned into position before being fitted together.

Wendy Malone, head of project management at the Together Housing Group which commissioned the homes, said: “We’ll be monitoring the performance of the homes very closely over the coming months.

“Fuel efficiency and security are very important to us and our customers so we’re looking forward to seeing the results.”

Ian Chew, chief executive of Easybase Homes, added: “The houses are built to the highest quality and...they are extremely energy efficient.

“Now we are able to manufacture a complete house in just three weeks we believe we have the solution to the housing crisis.”