THEY are simply the cutest new additions to Devonshire Road Primary School in Heaton.

The school has become home to a brood of chicks, which have hatched in their incubator over the last couple of days, making them true Easter chicks.

Gill Aspinall, teaching assistant in reception, said: “The children are very excited about the chicks. They keep rushing over to look.

“We have one chick just about to hatch and they are just as excited about that one too.”

As well as chicks, the youngsters are also looking after tadpoles and caterpillars as part of their study of life cycles.

Mrs Aspinall said: “We invited parents in for a play and stay session, which they enjoyed. It also gave them an insight when they help their children with their learning at home.”

She added: “It has been a very good experience for the children.”