CONCERNS raised by a coroner about overloading baggage on flights are being investigated by the travel company whose seven customers died in a Nepal air crash.

Bolton brothers Vincent and Darren Kelly died, along with five other British tourists, when the plane they were travelling in crashed shortly after taking off.

All 16 passengers on the plane died instantly on September, 28, 2012.

Cheshire Coroner Nicholas Rheinburg found that the seven British men died as a result of an accident.

Mr Rheinberg told Warrington Coroners Court he would write to Explore Worldwide Ltd, with whom the men had booked at trip to Everest Base Camp, as the firm’s brochures did not warn travellers about the potential dangers of overloading baggage.

A spokesman from Explore Worldwide Ltd, a Farnborough based firm, said: “It is a matter for the carrier to impose and enforce luggage limits on their flights.

“We will be looking to see how we, as a company, can best present this information to our customers.”

Vincent Kelly, aged 50, a businessman, from Lostock, was known for being a charity champion who had raised money for Bolton Lads and Girls Club. He had a son and a daughter.

Darren Kelly, aged 44, also a businessman, lived with Jannine, his wife, in the Isle of Langhorn, Scotland.

The cause of the crash is still unknown.