ALEYSHA Rothwell’s devastated sister says she has “lost half of herself”.

The 16-year-old was found hanged at her home in Breightmet.

Karly Mcloughlin, aged 18, said that when she was told of her little sister’s death, she refused to believe it and thought it was a “sick joke.”

Aleysha died last Thursday after being found hanged at her home in Crossdale Road, where she lived with her foster mother, Beverley Sharples.

The day after her death, 300 of her friends held a vigil. They lit candles, shared memories and laid flowers outside Bolton St Catherine’s Academy, where Aleysha was a pupil.

Ms Mcloughlin said she was held in care after hearing the news because service workers feared how she would react.

She says she is “frustrated” she has not yet been able to start the grieving process.

Ms Mcloughlin added: “Obviously I was absolutely devastated when I heard and I think they thought I might do something to myself, so they sectioned me. But there is nothing wrong with me and I want to be out there grieving for my sister.

The sisters have been in care for the majority of their lives and Ms Mcloughlin said that, while they had spent time apart in their earlier lives, in recent times they had become “unbreakable”.

She added: “We spent more time together than we did apart. We basically had the same personality — you might as well be talking to Aleysha right now we were that similar.”

Ms Mcloughlin added that she has been pleased to see people showing their love for her sister at the vigil, and on social media, but has been angered by people suggesting Aleysha was being bullied.

She said: “I would never have let that happen and it’s not true. She was such a loved person — there wasn’t one heart that my sister didn’t touch.”

Ms Mcloughlin has met with Aleysha’s girlfriend, Beth Lees, since her sister’s death and said the two enjoyed sharing their memories.

She added: “It was really nice sitting with Beth and reminiscing about the mischief we used to get up to.

“It was funny remember-ing how Aleysha would get herself out of trouble because she had the gift of the gab.”

Ms Mcoughlin is planning to hold another memorial for her sister when she is able to, but said she is expecting the healing process to take a very long time.

She added: “It just feels like I have been ripped in two.”