TWO ‘massive’ Clarets fans survived an horrific three-vehicle motorway smash - and still saw the end of Burnley’s victory over Barnsley.

The sisters were taken to hospital, along with three others travelling in the car, and despite whiplash injuries caught a taxi to the game.

Nicola and Sarah Morrissey, and their friends Scott Law and Leon Smith and his 10-year-old son Teon, were coming off at a slip road at junction 37 of the M1 when their Vauxhall Corsa was in collision with a lorry on Tuesday.

The impact sent Sarah’s car careering into the middle lane.

Moments later the vehicle was struck by a second lorry, spinning the car round before it rolled three times and finally landed on its wheels on an embankment.

Three coach-loads of Burnley fans attempting to reach Barnsley’s Oakwell ground were delayed by tailbacks following the accident, causing them to miss the winning goal by Ashley Barnes, scored after seven minutes of the Championship clash.

Nicola, 28, said witnesses and emergency services personnel on the scene said it was ‘unbelievable’ that the five passengers walked away from the crash.

The nursery nurse, of Tennyson Avenue, Padiham said: “My hands are still shaking. Me and Sarah couldn’t sleep thinking about it. We were on the phone at 2am talking about it all.

“It was so lucky the second lorry didn’t send us into the fast lane.

“After the first lorry hit, everything’s a blur. The first thing I remember is a man coming over to help us out of the car.

“The man, two lorry drivers, and a pregnant lady all came over to check if we were okay and told us that we rolled over.

“No-one could believe it. Everyone, the police and paramedics and people that came to help us kept saying they couldn’t believe how we were okay.

“I was retching with shock, Sarah was crying and saying it wasn’t her fault. I think it was worse for her because she was driving.

“Sarah got the details of the lorry drivers and the first lorry driver was visibly in shock.”

The five people in the car were taken by ambulance to Barnsley District Hospital for a check-up.

Scott, Lee and Teon were picked up at the hospital by Scott’s girlfriend, Katie Wooller, but the sisters caught a taxi to Barnsley’s ground.

Nicola added: “We needed a way to get home and knew there were people there that could give us a lift, and we really wanted to see the match.

“We go to as many away matches as we can and we’ve both got season tickets, we’ve always gone together. We love it.”

Nicola and Sarah, a 26-year-old hairdresser from Gainsborough Avenue, Burnley, made it to the match around five minutes into the second half and watched for 10 minutes before Nicola began to feel faint.

A steward at the ground took the pair to the first-aid centre where Nicola was treated before going back to watch the last few minutes of the game.

She said: “We both have a bit of whiplash, but we feel so grateful and lucky. People die in crashes like that and we walked out of it, so we’re really lucky. I feel like someone is watching over us.”

The sisters secured lifts with s A Burnley FC spokesman said: “We’re heard about the accident and are delighted that the supporters involved are all okay.

“This is proof that Clarets supporters will get to matches by hook or by crook. It’s a great mark of Nicola and Sarah’s support and it’s wonderful that they made it to the match.” the One lane of the M1 was closed while South Yorkshire Police dealt with the aftermath of the crash, delaying a number of fans en-route to the ground.