FRIENDS of tragic teenager Aleysha Rothwell came together again tonight to walk in her memory.

About 100 people met at the Home Bargains store in Breightmet for the second time in a week — as they aim to keep Aleysha’s memory alive and raise money for a headstone.

The group has already raised about £1,300 and armed with donation buckets they set off on a route to the Home Bargains shop in Bury, before walking around Bury and Ainsworth.

Friend Morgan Pritchard, aged 14, who helped to organised the vigil, said: “The aim is to raise between three and four thousand so we can buy a headstone that Aleysha deserves and so far people have been really generous.”

Taking part in the walk was Aleysha’s girlfriend, Beth Lees, who said she was really pleased with the amount of people who came out.

She said: “We don’t want this to die down - we need to keep her name in people’s minds.

“It still feels like a bad dream — we want to spend the money on something that she deserves — I would buy the moon if I could.”

The crowd wore T-shirts with messages dedicated to Aleysha printed on them and many of them held photographs of the 16-year old as they walked.

There were youngsters dressed in onesies and in fancy dress to represent the fun person that they said Aleysha was.

Aleysha was 16 when she died at her home in Breightmet, where she lived with her foster mother Beverley Sharples.

Her mother, Gaynor Rothwell, attended the walk and said the efforts of Aleysha’s friends were “mind-blowing”.

She added: “What they have done is incredible and just shows how loved she was.”