A SHOPOWNER in Bury has won his bid to sell alcohol again, despite objections from police chiefs.

Council officials had originally ordered Mohammed Abobakar to stop selling alcohol from Top Shop in Hurst Street, Pimhole, after it emerged that his sales licence had expired.

He then asked the council for temporary permission to sell alcohol while he he had his licence restored.

Police opposed the temporary application, claiming it might undermine their efforts to ward off crime, but a council licensing panel disagreed at a meeting on March 5 and granted permission.

At a second meeting, on March 26, the panel granted Mr Abobaker a full licence to sell alcohol from 8am to 11pm from Mondays to Saturdays, and from 9am to 10.30pm on Sundays.

The panel again rejected the police’s argument that the shop selling alcohol could lead to crime.

Richard Williams, of Manchester-based LR Law, who represented the shopowner at the hearing, said: “Mr Abobaker is delighted that he can sell alcohol once again.

“He is a man who is highly regarded in his local area and who many people vouch for.

“The police’s argument was rejected by the panel and Mr Abobaker was pleased that the right outcome was arrived at.”