ADORABLE twins Zara and Lucy Clarkson have achieved international fame — and they’re only eight months old.

The dazzling duo, of Kingston Close, Elton, featured in a striking picture that won a competition contested by hundreds of photographers worldwide.

The image came about after their mother Claire, aged 36, asked photographer Anthony Moran to add to her memory box for her “miracle babies,” who were born after Claire had IVF treatment.

Claire, who married construction firm owner Zack, aged 41, in 2012, told the Bury Times: “We got married at Nutters Restaurant in Rochdale and Anthony was our wedding photographer.

“He did a great job so I asked him to photograph the twins.

“The pictures were all brilliant and the one Anthony chose for the competition was perfect.”

The twins were just 13 days old when the picture was taken at Anthony’s studio at Venture Photography in Rochdale.

Claire, who also has a 16-year-old son, Jake, said: “It was the first time we’d left the house together as a family following the birth and I’m so pleased we did.

“We tried for a baby for six years before resorting to IVF treatment. Lucy and Zara really are our little miracles. It’s amazing to have them captured so beautifully.

“I have kept all the IVF records and scans from my pregnancy for a little memory box and I want to show it to them when they are older. Now I can show them this picture.”

The image was one of 13 award winners in a contest run by Venture, which has studios in the USA and Hong Kong.

The winning images, chosen by an panel of photographic experts, are set to go on display at those studios to inspire budding photo-graphers.

Anthony said: “It is such an honour to have one of my portraits recognised across the Venture family.

“This photograph has always stood out to me because it’s so heart-warming, especially knowing Claire waited so long for her babies.”

One of the judges, Richard Mayfield, said: “Anthony’s photograph really struck a chord with the judges thanks to the striking composition.

“It only takes a glance to recognise the unbreakable bond between twins.”