THE mother of a five-year-old boy with severe toothache has hit out after being told he will have to wait eight weeks to have the tooth removed.

Alfie Wheeler, whose tooth is crumbling away due to a calcium deficiency, suffers regular pain and has difficulty eating, drinking and sleeping, according to his mother, Donna Alexander.

But after visiting the accident and emergency (A&E) unit at North Manchester General Hospital, doctors said he did not need emergency treatment and Miss Alexander was advised to contact a dentist.

Alfie, a reception pupil at Fairfield Primary School, first had pain while celebrating his fifth birthday at Legoland in London on March 15.

Over the past couple of weeks, Alfie has been to North Manchester and Fairfield hospitals, as well as four trips to the dentist.

He has been prescribed four different antibiotics and has been informed he will need to have the tooth — on the bottom right side of his mouth — taken out, and is now on an eight-week waiting list.

Miss Alexander, aged 37, of Rochdale Old Road, said: “I think it’s ridiculous that a five-year-old is treated like this. Alfie can’t go to school and I’m having to give him pain relief every two to four hours. He has been constantly crying and screaming — I have been up all night with him some nights.”

Mr Andrew Baldwin, oral and maxillofacial consultant at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said: “The decision was made that he was not unwell enough to warrant being admitted into hospital, as he appeared pain free and no further emergency treatment was required.

“He was discharged with antibiotics to treat a dental abscess.

“After he was seen, Alfie’s mum was given advice to consult with a dentist in the community for further management.”