CURATORS at Gawthorpe Hall will be taking visitors on a whistle-stop tour through history as part of their new spring and summer programme.

Textile enthusiasts can experience the ‘Gorgeous Georgians’, ‘Vibrant Victorians’, ‘Elegant Edwardians’, and hark back to the ‘Twinkling Twenties’ and ‘Flirty Thirties’ at the Padiham landmark for the new season. The collection was built up by Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth, the last of the historic family to live at the hall, which is managed by Lancashire County Council for the National Trust.

Jenny Waterson, learning officer for the Gawthorpe Textile Collection, said: “In the spirit of Miss Rachel’s vision we want to use her collection to inspire contemporary textile artists and makers, and encourage people to take up a new craft hobby, so that Gawthorpe continues to be a place where things are made and skills are learned.”

Curator Rachel Terry is pictured putting the finishing touches to the office of Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth.