FIREFIGHTERS were called to the outbuilding of a football club in Lostock after a sit and ride lawnmower caught fire.

After mowing the pitch at CMB football club in Tempest Road on Saturday (March 29) a groundsman reversed the diesel ride-on lawnmower back into the shed in which it is stored, where it caught alight.

It is believed the fire started when a can of WD40 fell off a shelf in the outbuilding and landed on the battery of the mower, sparking a connection.

Firefighters from Bolton Central were called to the scene at 1.40pm and when they arrived the blaze had already been put out by staff at the club.

Crew Manager Phil Dearden said: “We spent some time checking the mower and making it and the surrounding area safe.

“Luckily, the fire was spotted quickly because the shed backs onto the changing rooms and someone who was cleaning in there smelled smoke.

“A few plastic buckets were melted but that was the only minor damage caused to the equipment stored in there.”