THESE young businesswomen have chalked up another success — with their innovative mugs.

The young entrepreneurs cashed in at the Young Enterprise Awards scooping the Best Overall Company for Greater Manchester.

Team Label designed a mug which people can write their own messages on using chalk.
The mugs can be used to either write notes to friends and family — or to write on how people take their tea or coffee.

The idea is the latest the girls have come up at Bolton Muslim Girls School, and continues a tradition to develop entrepreneurial skills among pupils.

Last year they designed handmade bags for teens out of recycled materials.

The school says the latest product has received “great” feedback.

Director of pastoral care Bushra Kamal said: “I am extremely proud of our girls, all their hard work and commitment has certainly provided positive outcomes at the many competitions we have attended.

“I am sure Team Label will continue working hard in order to uphold our current title.”

The girls said they were delighted to be crowned the best business.

Ayat Hussein, aged 15, said: “We were inspired by images from the social network, Instagram, to create and design a daily product that can be easily personalised by the customer.”

Tasneem Atcha, aged 14, added: “We made the product our own by creating our designs and adding quotes.

“I think our product will do really well, firstly because it's handmade and secondly because it's very unique.

“We also won best product at a Manchester Trade fair. We're very proud of it.”