A SIXTH form pupil who was asked to play piano at Ryan Giggs’s restaurant on Mothers’ Day is determined to play on — despite breaking her wrist.

Cammie Carter, who attends Rivington and Blackrod High School, was thrilled after being asked to return to George’s Dining Room and Bar in Worsley after performing there two weeks ago at an event.

But a big blow came last Sunday (Mar 16) after the 16-year-old broke her wrist while go-karting and now she must wear a cast.

Despite this, Miss Carter, of Greenmount Close, has found a way to stand at her piano which allows her to stretch over five notes.

She said: “I was so excited when George’s asked me to perform again. So when I had an accident go-karting and found out I had broken my wrist, I was gutted that I might not be able to play.

“But thankfully, as long as I stand at a certain angle I can still stretch over five keys. Nothing, not even a broken bone, will stop me from performing at such a high profile place.”

Miss Carter, who also performs regularly at Luciano’s at Middlebrook, in Horwich, will be playing a number of hits old and new — but admits that despite her love of singing, her future career lies elsewhere.

She said: “I do a lot of easy listening music but I will also be trying out some blues and jazz material too. I love artists like Jamie Cullum and Tori Amos, but I will also be playing some Eva Cassidy.

“Despite my love of music, I would like to be either a pilot or work in mechanical engineering when I am older. But doing this while I am studying is the best job I could ask for.”