THE Bolton winner of TV cookery show The Taste has created a special charity burger to help raise money for Bolton Hospice.

Debbie Halls Evans wowed some of the world's biggest names in food during her time on the Channel 4 show, including Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain and mentor Ludo Lefebvre, with her Bolton charm and maverick dishes.

Her talents did not go unnoticed by Bolton-born Franco Sotgiu, co-owner at SoLita in Manchester, who has given her free range in his kitchen to make her signature burger.

Debbie has chosen a combination of her favourite Thai flavours, which she used in her green chilli nam jim chicken recipe on the show.

The Bang Thaidy Burger will feature a chuck steak and bone marrow patty with Chinese leaf and noodles with a Thai nam jim sauce, topped with crispy chicken skin and seasoned with coriander salt, served on a toasted sesame seeded brioche bun.

Debbie hopes that during the next two weeks she will raise at least £500 for Bolton Hospice, with £2 from every burger sold going to the charity which is close to her heart.

She said: “Franco asked me to create the burger and pick a charity to donate to so I chose the hospice because it helps so many people in my home town.

“I know that they can sell as many as 800 burgers in a day here, so hopefully some of the customers will choose mine and help a good cause.”

Mr Sotgiu said: “It was a big thing to allow an outsider in to our kitchen, but after watching Debbie on The Taste we knew she would create something special.

“We are known for our extravagant burgers here and we knew that she would be the person to ask to join us.”