A PRIMARY school has withdrawn a road safety wristband and launched an investigation after a youngster needed stitches to his face when one fell apart.

Raheem Master, aged 13, snapped the band onto his wrist — which his younger brother Sameer had brought home from Brownlow Fold primary school — but it fell apart.

The sharp edged plastic snapped up to his face, missing his left eye by a centimetre.

Smithills School pupil Raheem was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital and had to have anaesthetic injected into his face before nurses administered four stitches to close the wound.

His father, Anwer Master, from Halliwell, now wants to warn parents not to let their children play with the fluorescent bands, which were funded by the Halliwell area forum to a number of schools in the area as part of a road safety scheme along with high visibility vests and rubber wrist bands.

Since the incident, Janet Pearson, headteacher at the school, has said that the bands have been recalled until the matter is investigated.

Mr Master said: “They are supposed to help keep kids safe by making them stand out because they are fluorescent — but it nearly took my son’s eye out.

“My youngest son brought the band home, which all the pupils received, and Raheem tried it on his wrist and took it off again, but it snapped together and fell apart and hit him on his face just missing his left eye. He is very lucky.

“He was in a lot of pain and lost quite a lot of blood for such a small injury. The inside of the band is as sharp as metal. I have kept it so that people can see how dangerous they can be if they fall apart.

“I want to warn other parents to be aware of what these bands can do and make sure that their children are careful with them.”

Mrs Pearson said: “I am sorry to hear about the incident. These bands were passed on in good faith as part of this initiative to keep children safe on the roads, and do so if used correctly.

“However in the interest of child safety we have been advised to recall them whilst this matter is being investigated.”

A spokesman for Bolton Council added: “Road safety in and around schools is a major concern for the council and we receive regular requests from schools for advice and help on keeping pupils safe on the roads.

“The bands comply with safety regulations and are used as a high visibility aid, especially in the winter months.

“All children given these bands were advised that they should be worn over the coat sleave and we understand the school has reminded them of this.”