A FUNFAIR that will open on Friday in Hollins Grove Street in Darwen does have permission to operate, it has been confirmed.

It had been suggested that the caravans that had arrived on the vacant plot of land belonged to travellers, but it has now been revealed that they belong to travelling fairground company North West Funfairs.

A spokesman for the company confirmed that they had sought permission from the landowner, and their arrival in Darwen was completely above board.

The fair will be in town from this Friday, until next Sunday, April 6, before some of the rides will move on to Witton Park in Blackburn.

Kurt Hill from North West Funfairs said: “We have got permission from the landowner, we’ve used land on many of their sites, and we had the site cleaned before we came.

“This has put a dark cloud over this event, it’s not very good for our business whatsoever.

“It is a travelling funfair, but we’re not travellers, we’re showmen.

“Everyone is welcome on the site to have a look around.

“We’re presenting all the fun of the fair, it’s not a traveller invasion.

“We’re here to give pleasure, we’re not here to upset anyone or to make any inconvenience for anyone.

“We just want to make a living and then go.”

Although this is the fair’s first visit to Darwen, the company is well established, and its rides are often seen in Bolton, where North West Funfairs is based.

Mr Hill said that all the rides have been tested and met neccessary safety standards, and that the company is covered by public liability insurance.

The rides are also checked every day before they are opened to the public.

The fair will be open from 5pm to 9pm on week nights, noon to 9pm on Saturdays, and noon to 6pm on Sundays.

Visit http://www.northwestfunfairs.co.uk/ for details.