ON a dry, sunny day, Paul Browne can usually be found on a roof fixing TV aerials somewhere in Darwen.

But after an accident last week, the 72-year-old has been laid up with a pot on his ankle.

Coun Browne was coming down his ladder last week when he slipped off the second to last rung.

And it couldn’t come at a worse time for the long-standing Liberal Democrat as, with borough elections looming, he should be out leafleting with his colleagues.

He said: “I had just done a satellite dish and I was coming down the ladder.

“I was on the second from bottom rung and my foot slipped and I went down.

“My ankle went into a funny position and I thought I had sprained it but when I went for an x-ray they said it was cracked.

“They showed me the x-ray as well and it is a good crack.”

Coun Browne said the accident would put him out of action for a long time.

He said: “I have to be off my feet for six weeks so I am out of the election this time.

“I have to go back to Burnley in a fortnight to have a new pot put on.

“But I can’t work so there is no money coming in and I can’t go out for a drink! It is a bit like being in prison.”

Coun Browne said this was the first time he had had an accident at work.

He said: “I have never had a day off in my life and I have been in business since 1960.

“I need to see what the damage is when my ankle heals but I don’t intend on packing in the business yet.”

Liberal Democrat leader Coun David Foster said Coun Browne would be missed on the campaign trail this year, although he is not actually up for election this time round.

Coun Foster said: “I suppose it is an occupational hazard and I am just glad he didn’t fall off a roof.

“We will be missing one of our key leafleters.

“Of course I wish him a speedy recovery as we have an election coming up.”