A LEADING player in computer generated imagery and animation has given his seal of approval to a University of Bolton course helping students enter the growth industry — describing it as one of the best in the UK.

Tony Prosser, managing director of award-winning animation studio RealtimeUK — which has worked with the world’s biggest brands including Microsoft and Aston Martin — praised the Visual Effects department during a recent visit to the university.

He said: “I think it’s something really special. The university has created one of the most commercially focused courses that’s right for industry and really takes into consideration what the industry wants and needs in terms of skill sets.

“It’s a really, really well positioned course. It is probably one of the best in the UK.”
Work by RealtimeUK includes creating cinematic game trailers and recently their trailer for videogame, War Thunder, attracted more than one million views on YouTube in just two weeks.

He visited the Visual Effects department to give a talk about his company and the work they do.

Mr Prosser said: ”I came in to give an overview of what RealtimeUK does, how we formed the studio and how we develop the skills of the junior artists and graduates who join the studio.

“I was able to show them a range of projects from videogame trailers to TV commercials, branding work and promotion for the automotive industry.”

RealtimeUK’s working relationship with Bolton began in 2010 when Mr Prosser was invited to the university to give a talk about careers in visual effects in the North West.

Since that first meeting the company has employed three Bolton graduates in full-time roles.

Mr Prosser said: “One of the tutors on the MBA course asked me to come in and talk about my business. At the last minute some of the VFX and SFX undergraduates heard that I was coming in and joined the audience.

“I had a chat with them afterwards and learned about the course. I saw some of the third year students’ work and ended up here, recruiting three full time Bolton graduates already.”

RealtimeUK has won numerous awards including a gold, silver and bronze at the Roses Design awards 2010 and a Creative Contribution at the 2013 Develop Awards.

Their work has been seen by millions of people globally, both online and in traditional media.