A STUNNING wildlife photography exhibition will raise money for three charities.

Breightmet photographer Peter Hunter will sell off his pictures — taken in Seven Acres Country Park, Leverhulme Park and Moses Gate Country Park — in aid of PDSA, the Epilepsy Society and Cancer Research UK.

Mr Hunter, aged 50, has epilepsy himself and is unable to work or drive due to the condition.

He said: “The more pictures people buy the better, because then each charity can get a share of the money. If they want to make an extra donation, that’s up to them.

“If we can raise money for each charity, it will mean a hell of a lot, as it will make a difference to so many people’s lives.

“I’ve lost my father, uncle and brother-in-law to cancer and my mother has had it.

“A man I know had an epileptic seizure and couldn’t walk, which makes me feel lucky.

“I’ve had my dogs for about 14 years, so PDSA is another charity which is close to my heart.”

Mr Hunter was born epileptic but says the condition worsened after he was assaulted at work 13 years ago.

He says he can have anywhere between two and 20 fits a week and that the condition is unpredictable.

He added: “I really enjoy seeing something wild walking around and capturing the moment. It’s excellent.

“I love all wildlife, whether it’s the deer, the kingfisher or the kestrel.

“It gets me out of the house and stops me sitting indoors.”

Mr Hunter’s exhibition, which took him three years to create, will be on display at the Environmental Resource Centre, in Bury Road, Breightmet, on Saturday, May 3.

For more details of the exhibition, call 01204 663754.