A TEENAGE girl allegedly raped after being picked up in a car by two men and taken to a Blackburn house had injuries including bruises and scratches, a court heard.

The 15-year-old accused Imran Khan, 36, of attacking her in an upstairs bedroom at a house in Chester Street after she and her friend, aged 14, got into a Honda Civic, driven by another man, in the town centre.

The court had previously heard that Khan and Zhaid Mohmmed, 45, refused to let the youngsters leave the house and ‘took advantage of them sexually’.

The jury was told yesterday that when the alleged rape victim was examined by doctors, she was unable to explain how she got the marks. She also had no injuries in the genital area, the court heard.

Robert Golinski, prosecuting, said the lack of injuries on that part of the body did not mean she had not been raped.

He said: “There have been a number of studies concerning victims of rape and I think the general consensus from those is that in proven cases of rape, the likelihood of injury occurring to the female genitals is between 15 and 20per cent.

“It follows from that, that four out of five victims of rape do not have any genital injuries at all.” Dr Joanne Curran, who examined the teenager, said: “That is correct.”

Charles Kayne, defending Khan, of Tenby Close, Black-burn, said the girl had played football and slept rough in a park for a period of time after the alleged rape.

He asked the doctor: “It is a matter of comm-on sense that activities like football and running about and kicking a ball could give rise to bruising that you are completely unaware of?”

“It is possible,” said Dr Curran.

Khan denies rape, and two counts of detaining a child without lawful authority.

The jury also heard the police interview of Mohmmed, of Boardman Street, Bolton. He is accused of sexual activity with the 14-year-old girl in the kitchen, while Khan was ups-tairs, which he denies.

He has also pleaded not guilty to two counts of detaining a child without lawful authority.

Reading from Mohmmed’s interview, Mr Golinski said: “Did you (Mohmmed) at any stage try it on with her?”

A CID officer, reading Mohmmed’s answer, said: “Absolutely not”.