CHILDREN from a Brownies group have written to the Lancashire Telegraph to say how much they enjoy it.

The letter from the Eighth Darwen St James Brownies, signed by Jayna Atkin, said: “I love going to Brownies because you can help everyone, play games and go to camp and other stuff.

“When I go to Brownies we do activities such as treasure hunts, games, go on trips and camping.

“I love Brownies because you do fun stuff and go to places like the circus.

“Brownies is fun.”

Unit leader Kezia Cameron-Atkin said the letter was written as part of the Brownies’ 100th birthday celebrations.

She said: “The Brownies celebrates its 100-year anniversary this year and my unit has to complete a series of tasks in order to earn a Big Brownie Birthday Challenge badge to add to their collection.

“The tasks are varied and focus on the individual and increasing their skills and experience.

“One of the tasks the Brownies were required to do was to write to someone in the community telling them about Brownies and why they love to come.”