A BURNLEY scientist has spoken of his pride at being named a professor at one of the world’s leading research and teaching universities.

Former Barden High School student Mark Green, 40, has recently been named professor of nano imaging at King’s College London.

The lecturer, who also attended Casterton Primary School and Burnley College, has been involved in a number of ground-breaking projects and has contributed to dozens of scientific journals.

Dr Green, who now lives in St Albans, Hertfordshire, with his wife and two children, grew up in Casterton Avenue before going to Manchester Metropolitan University to study chemistry.

He said he was ‘loving every second’ of his new job, which he said involves ‘making really small materials’.

He said: “It’s like working with the pixels on your TV, except they’re 80,000 times smaller. We use them to image diseases such as cancer, the idea being that surgeons can use the materials in treatment.

“I had some really good teachers at Barden and Burnley College thought I’d end up doing what I do now.”

Dr Green, whose parents Bernard and Linda now live in King’s Causeway, Brierfield, boasts impressive qualifications and experience.

He gained a PhD in material chemistry from Imperial College London, before spending a year there as a post-doctoral fellow, and another year in a similar role at the University of Oxford.

His team gained worldwide attention last year when they grew particles inside live animals, and they are currently working on a project to develop a kit for African women to test for HIV/AIDS.

He said: “I’m still lecturing but a lot of my time now is devoted to research and fundraising for that research now.

“With this job, you are constantly on it, working weekends and evenings. But I love every second of it.”